Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Milton under Wychwood - Oxfordshire

Helen and Daniel had got together and booked a house in the small village of Milton under Wychwood for a weekend, and we had been invited down for the Sunday. The village was just what we expected from the Cotswolds, with houses built from the beautiful honey coloured stone.

We did take time to circumnavigate the village (population 1600) and it was gentle and peaceful. Although the three villages of Wychwood have been around a long time, most of the architecture we saw is newer than other Cotswold towns. The attractive church of Saints Simon and Jude, plus the village school and the teacher's house were built as recently as 1854 by the Gothic-inspired architect G E Street.

The village is worth a visit and is quite close to other Cotswold attractions, such as Stow on the Wold.

Milton under Wychwood

Ss Simon & Jude

Sorry ladies, wrong type of Wych

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