Sunday, 4 December 2016

Nymens Garden - Sussex

Nymens is relatively new. It is not really known how long the original house was on the spot, but the large estate was bought by Ludwig Messel in the late 1800s. He wanted a home built for family, but was also very keen on exotic plants and flowers. He employed James Comber as head gardener and together they laid the foundations of what can be seen today.

In 1915 the estate was inherited by Leonard Messel and he razed the original house and built a new mansion of attractive stone and in the Gothic/Tudor style. They carried on the work of extending the garden and by the 1930s there were enough attractions to open the grounds to the public. There were plants from all around the world, even the Himalayas.

Everything was going well until WWII. Conscription robbed the estate of many of the staff, and then a severe fire all but destroyed the house. It was the end of the Messel dream. Part of the house was rebuilt but eventually it was willed to the National Trust and they have been running Nymens since 1953.

Nymens House & Gardens - RH17 6EB


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