Monday, 12 December 2016

Pontypool - Gwent

Pontypool is the home of Sight Cwmru and so is regularly visited, especially on open days for the blind. The town first became important in the 15th century when it realised that it had been inhabited in the Iron Age and was still a source of iron. Later it was a coal mining centre and eventually that, plus powerful river sources of water power, led to an iron and steel industry.

The water power came from the Afon Lwyd River.

In 1694 the Hanbury Family took over an area that included a coal mine. A large house was built and parkland established. The land was further developed, but the family influence began to wane and the house and park fell into public hands. The coal mine was demolished in 1982. The house still exists but is now a school.

Sight Cwmru has offices known as Park Buildings on the edge of the park.


The grotto in the park

Afon Lwyd River before it meets the Usk

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