Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Diary - Monday 26th December 2016

We had a lovely sociable morning. A long breakfast and people got dressed as and when. We were at least all presentable by the time John came to collect Rita for her usual Boxing Day at Middleton.


We had a light lunch and all walked into town. The sun was shining, it was twelve degrees and there was a lot of festive cheer still around.


Tonight we went to The Garrick for a performance of Sleeping Beauty. I had never heard of any of the cast (we are in a backwater) and the programme intimated that the most 'famous' was Rebecca Keatley of CBeebies. Well, her personality sparkled and she clearly has talent.


Actually, the whole cast was talented. There was a sense of fun from the first moment and plenty of laugh out loud moments. The bathroom scene was hilarious slapstick and the dragon was so realistic that the little boy in front of us hid under a blanket.


We enjoyed it. Oh yes we did!

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