Thursday, 2 February 2017

Aylsham - Norfolk

Norfolk has so many beautiful places to visit that Aylsham is fairly well down the list. The most likely reason to visit would be if you were on the way to the Blickling Estate, or one of the other National Trust attractions that are nearby, or if it is market day.

However, on a fine summer day and with the market in full swing there is enough reason to stop for a quick look around.

First impressions are that this is a spacious town with very uncluttered and green approach roads. The town centre shows some signs of the town's longevity. It is believed the site was habituated since pre-historic times. The proximity of the River Bure should have brought growth, but in fact the river was unnavigable until the 18th century.

There are plenty of relics of local industry being unearthed, especially the linen trade, and it is estimated that the town that now houses just over 5,000 people was first established as a village around 500AD.

The first eye-catching sight in the market place is the Black Boys Inn, which dates back to around 1650. The church of St Michael can be seen over the rooftops in the market place and that has been there since the 13th century, although the tower that can be seen for miles in this flat part of England was added a hundred years later.


Aylsham Mill

St Michaels

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