Saturday, 25 February 2017

Elmore court - Gloucestershire

We like a home that isn't taken for granted. Elmore Court has been in the same family since 1274 and looks set to stay for a good time yet. Not that there haven't been moments.

The Guise family came to England with William the Conqueror. The family believe they can trace their ancestors back well before 1066, probably to the Viking era.

As a reward for the efforts on behalf of the Normans, the Guise family were granted lands at Apsely Guise in Bedfordshire, and they retained that until 1540. But in 1274 King Henry III granted them land at Elmore, and nearly 850 years later the Guise family is tightening its grip. The first house was built around 1580.

In 1794, Berkeley Guise made some lavish changes to the house. He was a party animal and wanted the house to reflect that. When he died in 1834 the house was taken over by John Guise.

In 1870 the west side of the house was built. The next hundred years or so saw a few moments when the future of the house was in doubt. However, in 2013 the current occupants opened 8 lavish bedrooms and turned Elmore Court into a popular venue for weddings and other (mainly corporate) events. Just recently a further 8 bedrooms have been opened for those wishing to stay in splendour, and the old Coach House is being converted into further accommodation.


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