Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Okehampton - Devon

Okehampton is one of those places you tend to pass through, but there is enough about the place to warrant a visit, especially if you are intending to explore Dartmoor.

Okehampton was founded in Saxon times and the first reference to the place was made in 980. A hundred years later it came under the control of the Normans, and a castle was built.

The castle did not fare well, though its remains still stand after more than 900 years. The castle was first built in 1090. It passed through various hands and suffered as a result, but then the Courtney family took ownership and rebuilt it. That lasted well until 1539 when King Henry VIII executed Henry Courtney for treason. Hence the decline to what we see today.

Okehampton is the northern gateway to Dartmoor (and also the military Okehampton Camp) and there is a Museum of Dartmoor Life, which is a good starting point.


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