Monday, 20 February 2017

Yorkshire Dales - Yorkshire

There are some that claim that Yorkshire is God's own country. A trip to the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales National Park would make it difficult to argue with that.

Later this year or sometime next we will go back with a video camera. There is so much to take in, especially if you are an outdoor person, that one trip would never be enough. There are 680 square miles for a start. In some respects you could argue that the Yorkshire Dales are an extension of the Lake District National Park, although anyone from Yorkshire would argue the other way round.

The Dales have everything. Agricultural bliss, beautiful valleys, stark limestone rock faces, and probably more viewable waterfalls that anywhere else in England.

Every picture tells a story.


Aysgarth Falls

Cotter Force

Ingleton Falls

Malham Cove

Milthrop Bridge - Rawthey Glan

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