Monday, 6 March 2017

Adlington Hall - Cheshire

The first house on the estate dates back to Saxon times. Following the Norman invasion the land passed to Hugh Lupus and it remained with his family until 1221. It then became secured by the Crown until the Legh family were allowed ownership in 1310, or there abouts.

The family have maintained ownership ever since. The house has grown and shrunk over the years. The Great Hall was constructed between the years 1480 and 1505. The East Wing was added in 1581, but as the years took their toll and the parkland began to deteriorate the decision was taken in 1928 to actually reduce the size of the house.

There was another period of stagnation and then a determined effort to renovate the house and restore the gardens and parkland to some measure of glory. That has resulted in Adlington becoming a very pleasant venue for a day out with a house of splendour and gardens that please.


SK10 4LF

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