Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Alfriston Clergy House - Sussex (thanks Brian)

This is a charming house to visit, but not awe inspiring. What does make it a bit special is that it was one of the first properties bought by the recently formed National Trust. That was in 1895.

The house was originally built around 1350 by a farmer for his own use. Described as a Wealden cottage, it is timber framed and thatched. In 1395 it became the property of the Church and was the home of the local vicar for several centuries.

In 1800 it was decided to divide the cottage into two. This proved to be a mistake and by 1885 it was considered to be demolished. In 1890 it was declared derelict, but some admirers fought to have it saved. Eventually the NT was involved, and the house was gradually improved without destroying its history.

The house sits within pretty gardens and an orchard, and anyone in the area should also take time to take a look at the nearby Church of the Good Shepherd.

Church of the Good Shepherd

BN26 5TL

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