Saturday, 4 March 2017

Chettle House - Dorset

Currently there is a little confusion as to whether Chettle House is open or not. It was sold in 2015 after having been in the same family for 400 years. Prior to that the gardens were open to visitors, the house was sometimes used as a wedding venue and, because of involvement with the Historic Houses Association, the house itself was opened on specific days.

The park has been around since the days of the Norman Conquest. A nunnery was established, but this was lost following the dissolution of the Monasteries. The park and subsequent manor house became crown property, but Queen Elizabeth I sold it to the Chaffin family.

They lived in the old manor for quite some time but in 1818 it was decided to build the current house and redevelop the gardens. The family owned most of the village of Chettle, with its thatched or limestone houses. In 1912 the family had morphed into the Bourkes. They altered the house, adding the two rounded corners.

The estate covers 117 acres of park and woodland and was very popular as a visitor attraction. The connection with the HHA suggests that it will still be open on specific days, but the village itself is worth a drive through.


DT11 8DB

Chettle Village

St Mary's Church

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