Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Cholmondeley Castle - Cheshire

Looks can be deceptive. Cholmondeley is not a true castle, and never has been.

The Cholmondeley family have been owners of the lovely parkland for some 900 years.

There was a house on the grounds, but nothing is known about except that it was replaced in the 16th century by a timber framed house. In 1701 it was decided to encase the house with brick, rather than start again. By 1770 the house had become so neglected that George Cholmondeley had it demolished and built a new abode.

George had the new house built of sandstone, castellated and shaped like a castle, It took quite a while to finish to his satisfaction, finally completed in 1801. There was then a hundred years or more of firm family use, but in WWII it (as were many of the country's great houses) was seconded, first for use by troops and later as an auxiliary hospital for the Royal Navy.

The family own another great house in the county and moved there during the war. The current Marquess still lives there but his mother Lavinia is the current recumbent at the castle.

The house is not open to the public but the park and gardens are a great favourites with visitors and reflect the passing of the seasons, thus warranting multiple visits for those close enough to take advantage.


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