Monday, 27 March 2017

Crich Tram Museum - Derbyshire

There is far more than just trams at Crich and you should allow a good half day for a visit.

The parking is free and the entrance ticket allows readmission for the rest of the year, should you so desire, which makes it a reasonable charge if you are local.

With your entrance fee paid you are given a penny to pay for your tram ride. If you choose first to head for the Glory Mine (actually lead, not gold) and then back down into the town you will travel for 20 minutes for your penny, and your ticket lasts all day.

They've made an effort and you can easily spend three hours touring the old shops, George Stephenson Discovery & Learning Centre, the workshop where you can watch them rebuilding old trams that were short of TLC, through to the tram depot and the Great Exhibition Hall. There are also walks, play areas and picnic spots.

A great day out when the sun shines.



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