Sunday, 5 March 2017

My week - February 26th - March 4th 2017

Sunday 26th February 2017

Pauline was a little better this morning, but not that much that she wanted to go to church. I told her I would handle Sunday lunch, so whilst I was having a bath, she did the vegetables!

I fetched Rita round and settled the ladies whilst I made an ambitious attempt at making toffee apple pie. The result was quite pleasing but I didn’t have enough brown sugar to make the toffee. Nevertheless, I’d do it again.
Monday 27th February 2017

Of course – it rained, mostly all day and occasionally quite heavily.

I spent the morning working and the afternoon with Pauline. I decided to miss Lichfield Lions tonight. Being at home seemed more important.
Tuesday 28th February 2017

Another month over all ready. I bought a knee support for Pauline and I think that is helping. Also the tingling in her hands and feet is no longer constant, though it is still there.

I walked up to the Fire Station for a meeting with Healthwatch. There were only four of us there and they signed us up to act as ambassadors, provided it is a two-way street and not just us telling the NHS story.

John and Joy Cassie came at lunchtime and we all went off to the Whittington Arms for lunch. This place has changed a lot. We had stopped going because the food had become bland and expensive. Today we all chose something different, and we were all pleased with the fare.
Wednesday 1st March 2017

Busy like normal, and then busier.

I went for the returns quite early and Sue Wale was with us at 9.30am. The two ladies worked in the garage whilst I did all the downloads.

Sue wanted Pauline’s help on choosing a new bathroom, so off they went. She then went to see Rita.

I cooked scallops tonight with mixed vegetables and leeks cooked in garlic and stem ginger, finished with crème fraiche. I’d do it again.

There was no Peter O’Brien tonight so I did Wales and Scotland, whilst it hammered down outside. There were three readers, so it wasn’t arduous and I was home by 8.45pm.
Thursday 2nd March 2017

Just another Thursday. Gill called Pauline and they met across the road at Darwin House. I just got on with recording the Stevenage Talking News, and in processing four new listeners.

I did the Live at Home run and Pauline went round to Rita. In between my trips I finished Gwent, Stevenage and Scotland and got the Lichfield Mercury.

Tonight we had four readers and Peter was back from a short break and Spain. We finished everything in a timely manner, had a chat and were home at 9.45pm.
Friday 3rd March 2017

It never stopped raining all day. The only change in the weather was the intensity. That meant I didn’t work outside.

I took the recordings to the Sorting Office and then Pauline went bathroom shopping with Sue. That took two hours.

We did our week’s food shop and then I transferred to the kitchen. I’m determined to become a better cook so Mary Berry and I got together, and the result was my best meal yet.

I only did one main course. A gammon joint cooked in cider and orange juice for two hours, then baked with a coating of cloves and a glaze made of chopped oranges, mango chutney, cranberry juice and a touch of star anise. To accompany it I baked sweet potatoes, leek and cabbage in a gratin sauce that involved two different cheeses.
Saturday 4th March 2017

Any day now!. This dragging weather will stop and we will be outside again and the cares (and extra pounds) will melt away. It will be goodbye to SAD.

It’s time to give the pool its annual spring clean. I got the filter out and washed all the mud away. I cleaned the fountain and then we went to the garden centre to buy a new net, so that I can trim the water plants and then make our fish secure again from the heron.

By the time we got back the weather had worsened, so that was the end of outside for a while.

Tonight we went to Uttoxeter Charter Night. John and Joy Cassie and Mike and Mary Knight were also there from Lichfield, so that was four people we knew.

Uttoxeter is not in our Zone, our Clubs do not inter-visit, and the town is 40 minutes north of Lichfield – yet I knew 24 people in that room, three of whom are friends and all the others who are friendly.

That’s one of the joys of being in the Lions.

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