Monday, 20 March 2017

My week - Sunday 12th March to Saturday 18th March 2017

Sunday 12th March 2017
Still in Hove. This was just a question of us all being together for the morning and then watching them drift off back to their own homes.
We had a nice meal and then sat and mainly chatted for a couple of hours. A busy week ahead for every one, so it was an early night.
Monday 13th March 2017
I really enjoyed today. We had told Gary to go off and do a day’s work, so that left us to look after the boys. I took them to school and then the sun came out, and meant it.
We went to Wakehurst Place, about 22 miles away from Hove. This is an extension of Kew Gardens run by the National Trust. We only got to see around one-third of what is there to enjoy, so plenty of reason to go back.

Pictures are separate.
The drive home was undemanding. We were back around 4pm. Then we relaxed for a couple of hours until it was time for Lichfield Lions meeting at the George Hotel. Not well attended but well run by Gary Nye and it was all over by 9pm.
Tuesday 14th March 2017
I was up at the crack of dawn (for me!) and I left for Stoke on Trent at 7.45. The journey was actually OK until I got to Trentham, and then it was a slow drag to the hospital and I got there with two minutes to spare. John Morgan and I met with Lisa. We made it a shorter than usual meeting because she had another one at 10am.
The drive home was in sunshine and it stayed with us for the rest of the day. What a difference.
This afternoon I tidied up the garage somewhat, then Pauline started on the back garden, so I gave both lawns their first cut of the year. There has been a lot of damage to the front lawn, some of it by some animal that has dug furrows, but also by the tree men who parked their lorry on the grass.
In the end we worked ourselves to a standstill. It was a soak in the bath and an early night.
Wednesday 15th March 2017
Our 48th wedding anniversary. And it don’t seem a day too much!
Sadly, no time for celebrating today.
First I went to the tip with seven bags of tree branches. Not everything got picked up by the tree men! Then I went to the Sorting Office and collected 5 sacks of returns. Once again it seems that one of the sack loads was not delivered to our listeners.
Sue was with us by the time I got back so I left the ladies to handle the returns whilst I downloaded the magazines and processed four new listeners.
Tonight I took everything to the studio, and left when I knew there was a team. Back home for an hour and then another early night, because we are getting older.
Thursday 16th March 2017
The temperature dropped ten degrees. Still, we did have two good days!
The Stevenage papers came through quite late, which made life a little more difficult, but I managed to get everything done, somehow.
I did the Live at Home run, finished Wales and Scotland and duplicated those, along with the Stevenage TN, and took my passengers home again.
We had a full house at the studio tonight and that meant an early finish. I was home by 9pm.
Friday 17th March 2017
We woke to the promise of rain, and me with so many things I want to do outside.
I spent the morning catching up with paperwork – hardly making a dent. Pauline went off for lunch with the girls at the Olive Tree. Apparently the meal wasn’t up to their usual standards.
I did nothing this afternoon except read. I had my usual Friday tiredness.
Saturday 18th March 2017
At least it wasn’t raining first thing, but the sun was well hidden and the threat of a storm was ever present.
We met up with Sandra and Graham at the Plough, Huddlesford and enjoyed a very pleasant couple of hours over lunch.
When we got back, Pauline brought Rita round for the afternoon and then took her to church, because we would be away tomorrow.

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