Sunday, 26 March 2017

My week - Sunday 19th to Saturday 25th March 2017

Sunday 19th March 2017

The weather forecast had been grim so it was a bonus when it didn’t look too bad first thing. Pauline packed for an over night stop and we were off heading north up to Ashbourne.

We went to Ilam, which is on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border, just inside the Peak District and we had a lovely time exploring the park and the village, and a spot of lunch.

We hadn’t been in the car ten minutes when the rain started and it came down heavy for the rest of the day.

We drove up to Buxton and checked into the Palace Hotel. This is a place that was grand – once upon a time. It was OK for our very short break, but I wouldn’t want to spend a week there.

Tonight, though, we had a pleasant meal and shared a bottle of wine and talked of many things, especially our 48 years together as married.
Monday 20th March 2017

The rain was coming down in sheets when we woke, and it stayed that way until we got home.

We had a leisurely breakfast, checked out and made our way across to Bakewell, hoping the peaks were dividing the weather.

Not so.
We passed down through Matlock, where it seemed strange because the hundreds of motorcyclists who gather there every weekend had all gone home and back to work.

We were home by lunchtime. Pauline went to see Rita – and the sun came out.
Tuesday 21st March 2017

I worked hard this morning. There was a lot to do for the Talking News and I did as much as I could. Pauline went off to Ventura Park to meet up with Gill.

This afternoon was the AGM for the Staffordshire Neurological Alliance. The SNA badly needs funds, and that is currently down to me.
Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Another wet and nasty start. It’s a good job it is now officially Spring or it might have been less pleasant!

Pauline dropped me in town and I went to a meeting hosted by Support Staffordshire at the Wade Street Church. I forgot to take my phone, so was a drowned rat when I got back.

Pauline and Sue had done the returns, which I fetched before going into town. I downloaded all the rest of the Welsh and Scottish news plus the magazines.

Peter O’Brien sent a message to say he has Man Flu, so I did the recording with Jane and Jean.

There was a terrorist attack at Westminster. Sadly four people died (though one I accept – the perpetrator) and dozens were injured, many very badly.
Thursday 23rd March 2017

Early morning rain. Had to get on with things a bit more determinedly today.

I got the Stevenage Talking News finished a little earlier than usual, but it didn’t gain me much in the end.

I took three ladies to the Live at Home Scheme, went to the studio to finish and duplicate Wakes, Scotland and Stevenage, then took the ladies home again.

Tonight Peter helped get my new lap top started once we had finished recording the Lichfield Talking News.
Friday 24th March 2017

The weather is slowly improving. I took everything to the Sorting Office and then went into Lichfield. I deposited two small cheques and then walked round to Sandford Street to Prince Accountants and met Marie. This was to do with the Talking News and she proved to be a lovely and very helpful lady. We chatted for quite some time.

After lunch we did our weekly food shop and then I dismissed Pauline to the lounge because she has hurt her back. She wanted a risotto for dinner. We’d bought leeks this afternoon and then I found we still has some, so I wondered if they would go in a risotto.

Big time. I sautéed them in butter for seven minutes, then added four ounces of rice, then a big slurp of white wine. When that was absorbed I started ladling in chicken stock, adding jumbo prawns half way through, then some salmon flakes and finally a dollop of parmesan cheese.

Knock out.
Saturday 25th March 2017

Pauline was still suffering, so I kept a close eye on her.

I wrote fourteen begging letters for the Staffordshire Neurological Alliance. That took most of the morning, by which time the frost had gone and beautiful clear blue skies meant I could walk to the shop without my coat for the first time this year,

This afternoon we went to the Whittington Arms to meet up with Rita, Gerard, Margaret, and Emma who has been head-hunted by Morgan Stanley and so is on three months gardening leave.

We brought Rita back with us and I did a quick jacket potato with cheddar cheese and baked beans, and a glass of wine because we like to think posh.

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