Monday, 13 March 2017

Sutherland - Scotland

Sutherland is a name that I'd expect to find in the south, but in fact it is at the top of Scotland, in the far north west and abutting the edge of the Atlantic Ocean rather than the North Sea.

Head north from Laid and you are almost immediately at Portnancon where there are the remains of a fishing station and ferry point. Pick the wrong road out and you dead end at Loch Sian with its fish farms. The other road, single track with heather to the left, Ben Hope in the distance and Loch Eribol to the right will take you where you want to go.

Next up is Rispond with its handful of houses and beautiful Seanabheanne beach and Eileen Hone Bay. This is the place for the hunting, fishing, shooting visitor.

Rispond beach

The main village in this area is Durness, where they even have a crossroads and where the rocky outcrops are more like limestone than the grey granite that breaks through the heather elsewhere here about.

Durness Village
Finally you come to Balnakiel with Loch Croisol on one side and the Kyle of Durness on the other, and Smoo Cave, where a river meets the sea and an indoor waterfall grabs the attention.


Smoo Cave

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