Monday, 13 March 2017

Wakehurst Place - Sussex

Being down in Brighton and Hove, it wasn't much of a stretch to visit Wakehurst Place. We should have done this much sooner, and certainly will again. It is one of those places you can visit often throughout the year and never see the same scene twice.

Wakehurst Place is an official Botanical Garden. This is because it houses the Millennium Seed Bank and is a branch of Kew Gardens, although under the banner of the National Trust.

Life on the estate started before the Romans, but it was in 1205 that William de Wakehurst took control of the 465 acre estate. We don't know anything about his accommodation. We do know that in 1463 the estate passed to the Culpeper family and that work on establishing a mansion began around 1520, but was not deemed comp[late until 1590.

Today the 465 acres are divided into themes and seasons. Amongst the various gardens and woods are the Winter Garden, Walled Garden, Southern Hemisphere garden, Water Garden, Pinetum, Himalayan Glade, Westw23ood Lake, Horsebridge Wood (where bluebells will abound in April), Bethlehem and Coates Woods.

Today we saw no more than one-third of what is to offer. What we did see was lawns of cyclamen, rhododendrons that won't be out back home for another six weeks, azalea and camellia, amongst many others.

We will be back.

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