Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Basildon Park - Berkshire

The house at Basildon Park was built between 1776 and 1783 for Sir Francis Sykes. It was designed by John Carr. The exterior adopted the Palladian style but the interior was neo-classical. The house, which was never4 properly completed,  is now run by the National Trust.


When WWI broke out, Basildon Park had been unoccupied for 4 years, and so it was requisitioned as an hospital. In 1929 the house was bought by an American who intended to disassemble it and rebuild it in the USA. However, the plan only got as far as removing most of the fixtures and fittings.


During WWII the house was requisitioned for use as a barracks, and the parkland was used for tank training. By 1952 the house was an abandoned wreck. Then along came Lord and Lady Iliffe and they restored the house beautifully, before placing it in the hands of the National Trust in 1978.

Basildon Park


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