Monday, 8 January 2018

Donnington Castle - Berkshire

There are countless ruined castles in Britain that do not attract our attention, but there is something about Donnington Castle.

Donnington Manor was bought by the Abberbury Family in 1292. In 1386, Sir Richard Abberbury decided to build a castle. In 1398 it was bought by Thomas Chaucer, son of Geoffrey. However, the family (by thern known as the Dukes of Suffolk, fell foul of the Tudor monarchs and in 1514 the castle became Crown Property.

The castle experienced some neglect, but in 1644 it was held by Sir John Boys, who withstood a siege for 18 months at the start of the English Civil War. When the castle eventually surrendered, Parliament voted to raze the castle, and today only the Gate House remains. It is now under the care and protection of English Heritage.

Donnington Castle

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