Monday, 12 March 2018

Elstow Moot Hall - Bedfordshire

King Henry VIII has a lot to answer for, not including head counts. His Dissolution of the Monasteries destroyed much of England's heritage. Many once beautiful places are now just ruins.

Not so Elstow Moot Hall.

Elstow Abbey was established in 1078 and became one of the richest orders of nuns in Europe. The Abbey prospered and the grounds were expansive, so the Moot Hall was built in the 15th Century, originally in wattle and daub.

Less than 100 years later came King Henry. The hall was lost to the abbey, for which it had been acting as a court house. It was built more solidly and became a market house for the village.

Elstow had a famous son. John Bunyan came from close by to the hall, and his Pilgrim's Progress is still read today. Thus the hall became a museum, with much commemoration of Bunyan, amongst a good many other things.

Elstow Moot Hall

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