Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Living Rain Forest - Berkshire

The following is taken from The Living Rainforest website:
“The Living Rainforest has evolved over many years and is now run by the Trust for Sustainable Living.

For decades, the site was home to one of Europe’s leading orchid nurseries, Wyld Court Orchids. In the early 90’s, the philanthropist Keith Bromley led its conversion into Wyld Court Rainforest, a visitor centre featuring plants and animals from the world’s threatened rainforests.

In 2000, after a short time as part of the World Land Trust, the centre was passed on to Karl Hansen, who re-established it as part of a global education charity (now the Trust for Sustainable Living). Today the Living Rainforest centre features plants and animals in ecosystem-inspired settings, and invites visitors to make connections between tropical rainforests and their own lives.”
This venue is growing in popularity. Currently around 90,000 visitors a year turn up, but the number is growing, and it would appear that the popularity is as much to do with recommendations by word of mouth as by anything.
The Living Rain Forest

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