Thursday, 19 April 2018

Nature Discovery Centre - Berkshire

Based on disused gravel pits at Thatchem, the Nature Discovery Centre is a good trip for all the family, not just children.

The main focus originally was to provide kids with a great day out, but as the popularity of the venue has grown, so has the intent to please all visitors, and so the site can be said to be a work in progress, especially if ambitious plans to improve the waterfront are approved.

The lakes features important reed beds, with a hide that allows the quiet and interested to investigate at close quarters. The surrounding area is marsh and heathland and abounds with wildlife.

The lakes are a welcoming host to over-wintering waterfowl, but later visitors include redwing and fieldfare, down for a visit from Scandinavia.  There are many moths and butterflies that are no longer common in towns and villages, especially the likes of the garden tiger, butterbur, waved black, holly blue, and gatekeeper. There are a variety of damselflies and dragonflies, interesting and uncommon beetles, and a host of wildflowers throughout the Spring and Summer.
Nature Discovery Centre

RG19 3FU

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