Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Dinton Pastures Pleasure Park - Berkshire

Some parks go a step or two beyond the norm. That is what you will find at Dinton Pastures.

Apart from the boating lakes and wildlife trails, plus the extensive play areas, there are also activities designed to suit all ages, from toddlers, through teens to adults, mature or otherwise. There is organised swimming and boating, playgroups and well structured courses on a wide range of rural subjects and pastimes.

Worth a visit if you have an hour or two to spare.

Dinton Pastures Pleasure Park

RG10 0TH

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Chaddleworth - Berkshire

A few short miles from Brightwalton is the village of Chaddleworth, boasting a population of 500.

There is little doubt that the village has Saxon origins. Claims that it might be even older have not be proved emphatically. The main focus in the village for hundreds of years was the Priory that stood where Chaddleworth House stands today. Like many other such establishments, it fell foul of the Dissolution of the Monasteries and became the property of the Nelson Family.

The Nelson's were happy enough for around 250 years, but in 1809 they replaced the priory with the current Chaddleworth House.

Chaddleworth House

St Andrews - RG20 7DT

Brightwalton - Berkshire

Brightwalton does not warrant a day trip, but for anyone in the area it is worth a detour.

The village is in two halves. The more modern half could not claim to be attractive, but the other end features a cluster of thatched cottages and an interesting church.

The village existed pre-Norman Conquest days and the Domesday Book records, in 1086, the church of All Saints already built and serving the local populace. This church lasted until 1863, but then it was demolished and replaced by a Gothic Revival-styled church which has now been around long enough to be pretty at given times of the year.

RG20 7BN